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May 30, 2012 /

Blissful-Brownies-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell2I have reviewed a lot of food. I mean a ton. (Well, maybe not an actual ton, how many pounds are in a ton?) I have had probably in the ballpark of 400 pounds of of food delivered to me to shoot. We’re talkingĀ fruit baskets, brownies, cookies, cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, caramel apples… If children knew this job existed they would all wear helmets so they could reach adulthood in hopes of having this job.

I won’t include all the companies I reviewed, because honestly, some are only worth forgetting but not Blissful Brownies. They were phenomenal. I wrote a legit review for the review company when I worked there but I’ll sum it up by saying they are dense, awesome, clusters of pure brownie joy. You (or whomever you send them to) will not be disappointed. Well, that is, unless they have a gluten, chocolate, nut or sugar intolerance or allergy, then you’re outta luck pal.


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