Brownie Points // Food Review Photography

April 21, 2012 /

Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell (1)I worked for a food review company a couple of years ago and took photos and videos of shipped goodies. Dream job, I know.
These were taken for a brownie review site. The photos I took were meant to look real, since we weren’t selling the items, but giving readers an authentic look at what they would get when they dropped forty bucks on a shipped gift. I haven’t included all the photos I took when I worked for the review company but included Brownie Points’ because their brownies were pretty great. The “Orignal Kitchen Sink” was likely my favorite. Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell12 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell11 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell10 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell9 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell8 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell7 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell6 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell5 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell4 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell3 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell2 Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell1Brownie-Points-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell

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