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July 2, 2012 /

Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography1We visited Karlovac, (pronounced “Car-low-vots”) Croatia, not for the scenery, but for the friends. Even though it is not considered a tourist destination, it has a lot going for it, like Michael Jackson flash mob tributes.


I really enjoyed the time I spent there since I felt like I had the chance to see more what it was like to live in Croatia. We stayed with friends and watched our friend’s choir rehersal and Hubs got to meet up with his old buddies. Even though you might never get a postcard from Karlovac, it was a wonderful place for us for the friends we made there. It was a pretty little town.

Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography2 Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography3 Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography4Old Catholic church in the center of town.  Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography5 New Mormon “church” right by the bus stop. There isn’t an official building, but they rent part of a building, very common in Europe. There is only one Mormon chapel in Croatia in Zagreb. I’ll post photos one day.Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography6 Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography7One thing I love about Croatian grafitti is that people often just write their names on things. It was funny to see “SVEN” and “LUKA” because you just don’t hear those names in the states, or see them written on walls.



Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography9 Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography8 Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography10I liked to see how they build things there, the peeled away stucco revealed layers of texture, weathered by wind and war. The stucco you see in Southern California has nothing magical underneath, just chicken wire.


Karlovac-Croatia-Leah-Sidwell-Travel-Photography11We stopped in a book store and chatted with the gorgeous woman who worked there. No lie, 75% of Croatian women are breathtakingly beautiful. How this can be when they eat a loaf of bead every day, I know not, but they are thin and gorgeous.




Photos and Post by Leah Sidwell, a photographer who desperately wants to live in Croatia.



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