Manhattan Fruitier Walnut Brownies // Food Review Photography

November 21, 2012 /

Manhattan-Fruitier-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell1When I heap praise upon food gift companies, Manhattan Fruitier is always the first one I mention. This is coming from someone who has literally received hundreds of food gifts from all the top “shipped food gift” companies in the country. Manhattan Fruitier always stands out in my mind as the clear choice for a gift to send when you really want to impress someone. They are  a company that flawlessly delivers the most gorgeous, elegant food gifts you’ve ever seen without completely breaking the bank. Their brownies are just the beginning. They have everything from exotic fruit to chocolate cakes painted with gold to caviar to artisan cheese…. They have chic coming out of their, well, I guess anything coming out of a wazoo loses its “chic-ity” doesn’t it? Scratch that analogy and do yourself a favor and remember this company when it comes time to send someone something who has everything.Manhattan-Fruitier-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell2 Manhattan-Fruitier-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell3 Manhattan-Fruitier-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell4 Manhattan-Fruitier-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell5Photos and Post by Leah Sidwell, foodie, photographer and food photographer

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