Manhattan Fruitier

January 8, 2014 /

I was greeted by a lovely package from Manhattan Fruitier on December 31. It was the last gift I received in 2013. Manhattan-Fruitier-Caramel-Basket 1I feel like the star of my own BBC period drama when I open their gifts. They are all tastefully and timelessly elegant, every single time.Manhattan-Fruitier-Caramel-Basket 2 Manhattan-Fruitier-Caramel-Basket 3 Manhattan-Fruitier-Caramel-Basket 4 Manhattan-Fruitier-Caramel-Basket 5 Fat Toad could work on their branding but the caramel inside is decadent. Manhattan-Fruitier-Caramel-Basket 6These were my favorite, dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels.Manhattan-Fruitier-Caramel-Basket 7 Manhattan-Fruitier-Caramel-Basket 8 Manhattan-Fruitier-Caramel-Basket 9Posted by one lucky girl, Leah Sidwell, the recipient and nearly sole consumer of this entire basket.

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