Manhattan Fruitier’s 24K Gold Cake // Food Photography

June 10, 2012 /

Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell1No, that is not a chocolate Pacman with a gold beard eating chocolate crumbs. It is likely the most delicious flourless cake on the face of the planet, oh, and it’s painted in gold. That’s right, 24 carats of the good stuff. So, if you are an apocalyptic, food and toilet paper saving kind of individual you can scrape off the ganache frosting and use it to barter when the nuclear holocaust or zombie invasion comes. I didn’t save it. I ate it. Maybe even all by myself. If I’m honest.  Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell2If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, you cannot go wrong with a present from Manhattan Fruitier. I’ve leaned more to sending fruit baskets as gift lately. After packing up and moving my stuff three times in 2 years I realized, stuff is stuff. I feel heartless throwing away or regifting presents I’m given. I also need a regular de-cluttering to keep myself sane. So, now I like to send gifts that people can get rid of by eating, no attic full of kitsch you are too sentimental to ditch. (Hey that kinda rhymed!) Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell3 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell4 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell5 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell6 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell7 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell8 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell9 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell10 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell11 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell12 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell13 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell14 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell15Just a couple more shots of the cake. Drooooool…. Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell16 Manhattan-Fruitier-Golden-Birthday-Cake-Basket-Leah-Sidwell17Photos and post by Leah Sidwell, Manhattan Fruitier Fan Girl 4 lyf

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