Newborn Home Shoot // Violet

October 4, 2013 /

Leah-Sidwell1 Maybe because I have a new little one myself or maybe I’m just out of practice but I found it impossible to narrow down how many photos  I shot, edited and even share on this blog. The newness and light that a new baby brings is a fleeting, transcendent  experience. I didn’t want to miss any of it for my baby and now, that has translated to my work with everyone else’s babies. Violet was no exception. She was a perfectly sniffable, seraphic picture of perfection and innocence. Perhaps I shouldn’t plan on scheduling too many newborn shoots, anymore, since I’m worst at managing my time on them than a teenage boy is at his xbox.Leah-Sidwell2 Leah-Sidwell3 Leah-Sidwell4 Leah-Sidwell5 Isn’t her big sister adorable? She was great. I wish I could have borrowed her when my baby when born, such a helpful little nurturer.Leah-Sidwell6 Leah-Sidwell7 Leah-Sidwell8  Leah-Sidwell10 In the spirit of full disclosure, iconic crib shots make me a little sad, since I think they look like tiny prisons. They make for a nice visual statement photographically but personally I love  safe, smart co-sleeping, as does Violet’s Mama. This was the first time she had ever been laid in a crib so I felt like these photos weren’t truly “photojournalism”. Leah-Sidwell11Leah-Sidwell12Leah-Sidwell17Leah-Sidwell16Leah-Sidwell15Leah-Sidwell13Leah-Sidwell18Leah-Sidwell19Leah-Sidwell20Leah-Sidwell14 Leah-Sidwell29Leah-Sidwell22 Leah-Sidwell24Leah-Sidwell23Leah-Sidwell25Leah-Sidwell27Leah-Sidwell28 Leah-Sidwell30 Leah-Sidwell33Leah-Sidwell34Leah-Sidwell35Leah-Sidwell36Leah-Sidwell38

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