San Diego Safari Park

April 22, 2014 / ,

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When I was a kid this place was called the Wild Animal Park.  One rebrand and park merge later, it is now called the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. While I miss the old name and logo, many of the memories I have from previous visits were unhindered by its hip and hot new name.

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The last time I was here this lion was sleeping on the car too. They were on to something when they wrote that song, but since Lions sleep 20 hours a day it might be more appropriately named “The Lion Sleeps All Day”.  …a weema wop…a weema wop….a weema wop…a weema wop

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I couldn’t hold back all the Brian Regan Butterfly Pavillion jokes but I did spare repeating them to the staff, whom I sure, is sick of hearing them.

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Photos and post by Leah Sidwell, a Charlottesville Virginia based photographer

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