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June 13, 2012 /

Slovenia-Travel-Photography-Leah-Sidwell1One of Slovenia’s most popular attractions is Lake Bled, an for good reason. It is pretty magical. Sadly, we had very little time to spend there, it was cold and rainy, we were hungry and had a train to catch. I wish I would have had as much time to spend there as I did at Plitvice Lakes.

For a great view of the lake you hike to the top of a hill (with a castle on it)

Slovenia-Travel-Photography-Leah-Sidwell2 Slovenia-Travel-Photography-Leah-Sidwell3 Slovenia-Travel-Photography-Leah-Sidwell4

And this is what you see:


It was a beautiful day, breezy, crisp, quiet. I could have spent a long time at that lake. I hope some day soon that I can.


Here are our Slovene friends who took us around Lake Bled and also took us to probably the nicest place we ate the entire trip, all with authentic traditional Slovene food.


Photos and Post by Leah Sidwell, a photographer and videographer who loves Slovenia

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