Suffolk Virginia Senior Portraits //Ashton

October 26, 2012 /


A windy, rainy ┬ábackdrop seemed the perfect compliment to our shore side shoot. I could not get enough of her gorgeous red hair, blue green eyes and oh the freckles, we cannot forget the freckles. Love you Ashton. I’m so glad you wanted artsy fartsy senior pictures instead of the tacky posed variety that often include a letterman jacket and or cuddling a trombone whilst reclining under a tree. We can both rest assured you’ll never find these on AFF.

Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell2 Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell3 Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell4 Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell5 Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell6 Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell7 Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell8 Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell11 Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell12 Suffolk-Virginia-Senior-Portrait-Leah-Sidwell13
Photos and post by Leah Sidwell, a Virginia-based portrait photographer

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