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Behold, an almost paleo version of pumpkin pie. It was my last ditch effort to bing something pie-like to the gathering. I planned on bringing pumpkin panna cotta but Mom worried there wouldn’t be enough pie. For a no gluten girl like myself (and might I add, a HORRIBLE pie maker) I knew I had to meet in the middle. I made my old stand by, paleo pumpkin panna cotta and poured it into little phyllo cups I made. It wasn’t pretty but, it did the trick and was pretty low gluten.
The whole experience remind me of a Simpson’s episode where Lisa becomes a vegetarian. Bart and Homer shoot down her meatless ideas for their cook out, chanting “You don’t win friends with salad!”. Often I feel like, “You don’t win friends without gluten!”. Addictive, gliadin-loaded opiate that it is, gluten usually is a big hit, not gonna lie.

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Thanksgiving was fun and relaxed for me, probably because I wasn’t hosting it or responsible for the turkey (which was lovely and local). We hung around, singing and laughing and playing with the baby. It was a wonderful evening.

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I love the “right before” shots. They are much more honest.

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Loves glasses, loves loves loves them. She also loves these boys. They were so good with her.

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My book loving little friend.


Photos and Post by Leah Sidwell, a Virginia based photographer

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