The Fruit Company // Food Review Photography

April 21, 2012 /

The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell3If I had to choose between Harry and David and the Fruit Company I would say, it depends. The Fruit Company is the more grown up version of Harry and David. But ohhhh mama, I have never had pears like the ones from Harry and David. Mama mia. These photos are from a shoot I did for a food review company. They wanted “what is actually looked like when it came” type photos, not the doctored ones in a brochure or sales materials. This is what I came up with.The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell1The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell10The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell11The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell9The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell8The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell6The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell7The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell5The-fruit-company-Food-photography-Leah-Sidwell4

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