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June 20, 2012 /

This arena is, by definiton, Roman, yet, it is not in Rome. This is the arena in Pula, Croatia. Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell1Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell3Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell4Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell5 Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell6Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell7Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell8Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell9Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell10Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell11Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell12Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell13I wanted to visit the arena when the light was best but sadly, the place does close for the night. You pay something like 20 bucks to get in and enter in the iron gate.  Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell14Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell15Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell16I became so involved in taking photos that time slipped away from me, and I suddenly felt like many Christians before me; fearfully trapped inside. Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell17It sounds kind of funny but at the time it was terrifying. Heavy iron gates with a serious lock and chains sealed my fate, at least temporarily. Would I be spending the night in the Pula ampitheater?Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell18I knew Hubs was just outside the arena but how would we get me out of there? Would he have to leave and find the police? Would they think I snuck in and would I be in trouble? I wondered if I could find my ticket to show to them and prove I was there legally.Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell19I hopelessly rattled the gate and yelled for Hubs. I think I also said something like “Hello?” or “Excuse me. I can’t get out.” My heart was racing. Pula-Croatia-Arena-Leah-Sidwell2Then, seemingly out of no where, my savior came. A stout, security guard with a giant ring of keys, smiling, walked up, unlocked the gate and let me out, easy as that. I can’t remember if he said anything, if so, I think it was in Croatian. It made me think I wasn’t the only dumb tourist who did this, in fact, maybe this happens weekly. 


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