Virginia State Fair

October 9, 2013 /

Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell1 The primary reason we drove all the way to Richmond with a little one in tow was to support Mom as she competed in the goat show at the State Fair. I’m still new to the motherhood scene but boy, caring for a little one and taking nice photos at events aren’t mixing as easily as I thought. I get knackered much quicker and lose my pluck when I’m caring for my little one. I wish I would have got nicer images and video but, as we like to say, “good, better, best”.  Beena Weena takes top priority at pro bono events. Paid gigs, she simply stays with Dad. Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell6One happy grandma.Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell3 Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell5Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell4Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell7Here she is, the one that stole the show. Don’t ask me to name what awards she got because they were things like “best dingle dangles”.Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell8Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell2Fairs are such a crazy people-watching-fest. I wish I could have just people watched for an hour and captured all the diversity and life there. Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell13Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell9Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell10Okay, can you guess the reason I took the above photo? That’s right, “pork parfait”. Oh dear. Still, not as bad as this:Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell11 Never mind the deep fried candy bars, what in the world is “deep friend kool-aid”?  Here is the other side in all it’s, uh… glory?Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell12Deep fried mac n’ cheese? Krispy creme sloppy joe? All I could think of “America: This is why it’s fat”. Going off gluten kept me from experiencing a Templeton time at the fair. I did have a lovely peach smoothie and later spiced/roasted pecans. Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell14Beena Weena observes the freak show that is the State Fair. “Don’t stare at the Carnies, Dear.” Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell15Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell16Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell17First time seeing peanut plants. Virginia is famous for peanuts, did you know that? Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell18Ah, the photogenic ferris wheel. I took about 100 shots of this thing. It changes color all the time, it has fan-dangled LED lights that do all kinds of tricks, pretty cool.Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell19Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell20Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell21Carousels actually sound creepy to me. Blame the movie Big and Beetlejuice, both childhood favorites.  Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell22Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell23Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell24The whole day was sensory overload, Beena slept like a rock. Virgina-State-Fair-Leah-Sidwell25Photos and post by Leah Sidwell, a Virginia photographer.

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