Washington DC Temple Wedding // Mary & Ben

October 3, 2013 / ,

DC Temple Photos Leah SidwellWashington DC Temple Wedding

They say when you marry in June you’re a bride all your life. I’m not sure why they say that but I’m guessing it is payback for having to wear stuffy dress clothes in the summer heat while your photographer follows you around. A special congrats to Mary and Ben who braved the heat, glaring sun and photographer out on her first shoot “after the baby”.Sidwell Wedding Photography Sidwell Photography Charlottesville Virginia Event Photography Charottesville Wedding Photographer Sidwell Photography DC Temple Weddings  Sidwell Photography Virginia Wedding Photography Leah Sidwell LDS Temple Wedding Photographer Sidwell Photography DC Temple Leah Sidwell Photography DC Temple Event Photography Photojournalistic Style Wedding Photography Leah Sidwell DC Temple Video & Photo Leah Sidwell DC Wedding Photographer DC Temple Wedding Photographer Leah Sidwell Wedding Photographer

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