Watermelon Cake Recipe

March 30, 2014 /

What do you do when you are gluten free, (sorta) dairy free, cheap and lazy and need to make a birthday cake for your kid?

Watermelon cake.

Here is a recipe and tips on how to have a no fuss cake that your kid should like and take 10 minutes to make.

1 watermelon
1 can of regular coconut milk, refrigerated (use the real kind, full fat, not light. organic is best, you may need two cans if you have a big watermelon)

Cut off the ends of the melon. Then shave off the top part too. Making the watermelon look like a rindless rectangle. Dab with a paper towel to get off moisture and let it sit while you get the “frosting” (it’s really just coconut milk) ready.
Open your can of cold coconut milk  and using a spoon, scrape out all the thick creamy part, leaving the water in the can. With the cream in a bowl, beat by hand if you are baddie or use an electric mixer to make it fluffy and frosting-like.
Go check your watermelon, dab ‘er off a little more and then start frosting your watermelon with the coconut cream.

Easy. Cheap. Healthy.

You can use real whipped cream too. I used this tutorial for making stabilized whipping cream that will, hem, adhere, to your watermelon. They also have a nice watermelon cake tutorial video  if my explanation wasn’t enough.

Photos and post by Leah Sidwell, low maintenance loving mom.


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